What You Want To Know About Youtube!

The girls were asked to blog about topics that interest them.

Hopefully, you know what you tube is, but if you don’t then I will tell you. You tube is and internet site where you can post videos of what ever you want. Although you tube can be dangerous because sometimes you post things that may be offensive and hurtful. In this blog I will tell you the do’s and don’ts about posting things on you tube.
When posting or filming for you tube, you should make sure everything is appropriate for your viewers and yourself. For example, if you are on you tube you should make sure you watch what you’re putting such as pictures of yourself. Make sure that if you post a picture of your self that it’s the one you approve of and want to put on. When titling your name on you tube you might not want to put any personal information such as where you live. You might not know it but people may be watching you and writing down everything they see.
Don’t put things that may offend or endanger people such as making fun of them or talking bad about them without there permission. Also avoid being racist because people might get really offended and post bad comments such as ”i’m going to find you and kill you.” If you ever see that tell a trusted adult about what’s going on.
As a matter of fact, people post on youtube telling people to hate for example gay people. Because of that, a gay man was being followed into the bathroom and being threatened saying if he doesn’t stop dressing like a girl he will be murdered and so that was all because of a video on you tube. There are plenty more of those cases and people still don’t stop. Another example is when a girl was telling viewers on you tube saying how she hates Mexicans and Americans. Sadly she gave out a picture of her school by accident for a photo of people and when she was walking home she was raped and murdered.

I hope that you now know that you tube can be dangerouse and yet fun. Just make sure to watch out on what you comment or like or tape on you tube. You tube can be fun even without offending or hurting people. You may not be held responsible for you actions but its still good to watch out.


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