Blog- Day 3

The girls were asked to Blog about their 3rd day of TechGyrls!

Today in class we learned about how to do power point and we actually chose a group where girls can only join and we did a power point and we explained how you cant join and how you can learn and benefit from in. i can use this information in the future because i can look at other classes that maybe i would be interested in such as girls soft ball. i had a lot of fun and i cant wait to go to the next class.


Today we made a power point about a girls program that we go to encouraging others to go to and try it out. it was really cool because I finished it in like 30 min.


Today we created power points to create persuasions for people to join certain girls after school programs.
i will use some of what i learned today to create power points for reports and projects for school. i knew most of what we learned today but not all of it. i have made a power point before in fifth grade for a report.


Today i made a slide show. i learned that you have to do a lot of thing like refresh the page


Today we created a power point persuading the reader to join a program that they chose. We all got the chance to design it the way we want to. With this experience I can use it to post it on websites when I have a business I can try to get more costumers to come and buy something. I also learned how to place the word art, how to make the letters move.


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  • angela

    Wow! what an awesome day. Did you mention that you learned about the Three types of Persuasion! ETHOS PATHOS and LOGOS!

    Wow, you Techgyrls are AWESOME!

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