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When people think of beaches to most the first thought is the water, sand, and sun. There are a few that may think first pollution and trash. Every one has a different perspective of this subject and mine is positive one.

When I think about the beach it’s usually during the summer when it’s hot and many pack up their belongings and head to the coast. What many people bring is towels, umbrellas, sun cream, bathing suit, food, and occasionally food. At the beach there are many people doing various things. Many kids usually just run into the water and start swimming or splashing one another. Adults will just lie on their backs and get a sun tan, read a book, listen to music, or just simply relax. For teens they will do the same as adults or go and boogie board and maybe even surfing. By mid day most are either coming to the beach or eating lunch. Around the evening many start heading home.

One of my personal favorite beaches is located in Catalina Island , California . The beach is called the Middle beach, which is located just left of the Green Pleasure Pier. On summer days it can usually be found full filled with families. The life guards are usually on duty when the summer months are here. The beach is located just at walking distance from restaurants, shops, and restrooms. Once you get into the water you can feel the pebbles you step on. The waves are very calm and not so rough. So if you are planning a get away head over to Catalina Island .
Beaches are places where to some is a place to meditate or just to have fun. Many have a positive perspective of the beach some don’t. Hopefully that after reading this you change your opinion.


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