The girls were asked to blog about things that interest them.

Dating tips: 1) brush your teeth.
2) Always take a shower
3) and always smell good.

Some times you mite like a cute boy and want to go out with him. You may get that chance so if you do be ready for some embarrassing moments.

What you do not want to do is ask if he likes you rite off the bat. You also do not want to do is be desperate . if you do those things that I just said well good luck!
So if you want to impress a boy you have to dress nice like here are some examples, were skinny jeans with a nice top with your date’s favorite team, sport, color, or hobby.

My take on dating is that you are not too old or too young to start dating. People might have a different take on what I just said but that is my opinion.

This topic relates to me because I went on dates before.


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