TECHgyrls Blog- Day 2

The girls in the TECHgyrls class summarize their second day of class.

Today we went on to edit some pictures we took. After we edited our pictures we made a word document and posted the picture on it. We answered five questions about ourselves and put them on the document as well. I learned how to change the way you look in pictures.


In tech gyrls we went on a cool website called picnic and that is so cool because you get to edit your pictures that you take and you get to put little stickers on! That was the 2nd time I have been on that website before. Also when we were done with our pictures we went on word and we did these cool little crafts and we typed in 5 things about ourselves and we made cool borders and backgrounds! Finally we shared one thing about us and then handed it in. well that is the end so bye


Today I learned how to edit pictures on and also how to add backgrounds to word documents. Also we made a document about ourselves and on it we had to answer five questions about ourselves.


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