TECHgyrls Blog – Day One

The girls in the TECHgyrls class summarize their first day of class.

Today we saw a power point that taught us about cyber bulling. It had some videos about online safety and to be careful for what u post online. I learned that we should always be careful with people online because they might not be who they say they are. I learned to not post certain things online that are mean or for example a hate page or a fight video because u can get suspended for it or get kicked out of a sport your in. We saw many examples of what not to do and what u should do. I now know to be careful online all the time.


Today for the 2nd time I went to the YWCA and I went to tech gyrls and I learned that you can chose who to block on face book and that there is a list to chose what to put as your information. I also learned that you should put a fake name on your e mail address instead of your real one. I would like to learn more about picknic and blogging. I am pretty sure that picknic is when you take cool photos of yourself and edit them but I’m not quite sure. Also what I enjoy about this class is that you get to learn new safety rules and that you get to have snack. Also I like how you can work with computers and I really like computers. I am exited for the next class to happen because it is coolio.

Today I was with my friends at lunch and nutrition. I took some pictures with my new camera. They didn’t expect that so I started laughing when they saw the pictures. Some of us had candy from the party of Saturday. Right now I am in tech girls with five other girls. We are writing blogs about today and what we plan to learn. I plan to learn about Excel, Piknik and Movie Maker. I don’t know a lot about computer so I hope that by the end of these six weeks I will be able to know enough to teach at least my younger sisters.


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